Thanksgiving prices rising


Madison Wadleigh, Reporter

      Ever since the cost of gas and nearly all goods went up, so has the cost of our favorite Thanksgiving foods. This has created a further problem for families that cannot afford the new high prices. The price of turkey has jumped 24%, mashed potatoes will cost 20% more to make, the cost of ingredients to make pie is up a soaring 23 and 75%, and the cost of cranberries have gone up 18%.   

Turkey prices have gone up firstly due to inflation but also due to a disease that has hit turkey farms across the country. This highly pathogenic disease called “Avian Influenza” has resulted in the loss of 8 million turkeys. And for the cost of Cranberries rising, it may be due to the recent cranberry shortage that has struck farmers due to natural disasters such as hailstorms, flooding, and now droughts. And for pie ingredients butter prices have risen due to a contraction in milk supplies, egg prices have gone up due to the avian flu affecting not just turkeys but hens as well.