Earthquake in Indonesia


Erin McDowell, Reporter

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit the Cianjur region of Indonesia’s Java Island earlier today.

So far, the death toll has reached 162 while rescue teams and first responders are still searching for the almost 13,000 people misplaced by the earthquake.

Almost 2,000 homes and hundreds of schools and businesses collapsed. The earthquake also caused landslides making it more difficult for first responders and medical personnel to get access to people who need help.

Indonesia is in the line of “the ring of fire” stretching from Indonesia to California and parts of south America. this is a region that has some of the highest volcanic and earthquake activities.

No aftershocks have been felt yet, but people are preparing for them to hit, the earthquake could even be felt all the way in the capital of Jakarta almost 60 miles way.

Rescue teams and first responders are hard at work to help and find all injured people, while reuniting families.

Let’s send our love to the people of Cianjur Indonesia.