Cruize Corvin wins 3A state title.


Giovanna Robles, Reporter

November 4th Friday morning the Lakes cross country team had a sendoff breakfast at burrs. This was a good team bonding and something special to do for the state qualifiers. Many parents and all the other team members came to support and wish the runner’s luck. This is the biggest race for all the athletes who qualified for state, and already such an accomplishment and they have worked so hard for this. Even if your race does not go your way just know you made it that far already.

This course had many difficulties including many hills and strong wind but that did not stop Cruize Corvin from taking first place and winning the state title. Alongside Cruize, Zander Travinio took 8th place on the podium. Both athletes did an amazing job considering the circumstances the athletes were under. The rest of the boys’ varsity team did very well and tried their best! The lakes boys 5th place finish was the second best team finish in school history.

On the girls’ side we only had two girls running in the race. For being first timers, it was a wonderful experience and a reward for all the hard work put in throughout the season. Opal Johnson is a first-year student and made it to state and had such a great first state experience and did amazing for her first time. Gio is also a first timer and considering she had only one shoe for more than half the race she did well. All these athletes worked hard for this moment and were celebrating our state champion!