Your Vote Counts


Erin McDowell, Reporter

With election season coming to an end, we will soon find out who has won the 2022 state elections. We have probably all seen the campaign commercials and heard teachers and other adults in our lives talking about the elections.

For some students here at Lakes we are of an eligible age to vote. I personally didn’t know much about the elections, who was running, the registration process, or how voting works.

The voter registration process was much easier then excepted. All you need to do is go to and fill out an online registration form. You can also mail in your registration form or go to your county’s election offices. You can even register if you are under eighteen. You can register as young as sixteen years old.

When it comes time for you to vote you can find your local voting center or fill out a mail in ballot and find a drop box near you to send it in.

Now you might not think that your one vote will do anything, but every vote counts. If there are things, you want to see get done in your sate research the candidates and find the one who you believe in and trust.

It’s important that you stand by the people and their policies that are running our state, so put your opinion out there, it matters more than you think.