Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

Joji released a new album today, Smithereens is a mix of trap, electronic, and lofi-beat album.  “Joji tries to pick up the pieces after heartbreak. Split into two sides- Side A deals with wanting to reconcile with a past love, while B is the aftermath of the failed reconciliation.” This album consists of 9 songs, (Side A): Glimpse of Us, Feeling Like The End, Die For You, Before The Day Is Over, Dissolve, (Side B): NIGHT RIDER, BLAHBLAHBLAH DEMO, YUKON (INTERLUDE), and 1AM FREESTYLE. This album is truly a masterpiece and I suggest you check it out. 🙂


“Joji embraces the uncertainties in the fast-paced ballad “YUKON (INTERLUDE),” deciding to move on from the past love that he’s fixated on at the beginning of the album. The outcome of that appears on the closer “1AM FREESTYLE,” where Joji mourns the finality of his failed relationship. “I’ve been playing memories in my mind/Wishing you were there, like all the time/So I’m not alone,” he sings. “And I’m tired of this madness/Tired of being stranded/I don’t wanna be alone.”