Death at Western State Hospital


Erin McDowell, Reporter

A patient at western state hospital is in jail for the murder of his roommate.

On October 28th, 911 was called to the scene and when arrived realized this wasn’t a natural death.  Lt. Chris Lawler stated that there were signs of trauma on the victim.

The patients were living in a ward for people that had been found not guilty of crimes they committed due to their mental state “-found not guilty by reason of insanity.” The victim had been there since 1989 on a first-degree murder charge and the jailed roommate had been there since 2014 on a first-degree assault charge.

The man’s death happened during a period of time when the staff is rotating around the ward. Hospital officials say that period of time was most likely about 15 minuets.

Right now, there is no final verdict, but more investigation will go underway.