Takeoff Tookoff 🕊️


Beverley Kirkwood, Reporter

The rapper “Takeoff”, a member of the Migos, was at a bowling alley and billiards hall at a private party held early on Tuesday.  A 911 call was received at 2:34 a.m. reporting that a shooting was taking place. Officers reported Takeoff dead on the third floor, just outside the front door. Two other people were also injured and taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. There were about 40 people at the event, many that possibly left out of fear.

Police don’t know exactly what occurred, but are looking for witnesses to come forward. They collected evidence including shell casings and are reviewing surveillance footage.


Why are so many Rappers being shot and killed?

It’s devastating to see rappers including XXXTentacion, Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, King Von, and many more being shot year after those. It’s a controversial topic on what can be changed to help reduce the amount of shootings happening. All that we can do is continue to support our communities and families.