Lakes Embarrassing Moments

Rieley Peak and Brookelle Barnes

What keeps you up at night? It may be school, work, or just can’t sleep, but for these Lancers their most embarrassing moments are what keep them up. We kept their identities anonymous to save them from more embarrassment.

“Walking into the boys bathroom.”

“In 6th grade I tripped over a ‘caution wet’ sign in front of everyone.”

“Throwing up at a Halloween party wearing a Captain America costume.”

“Going to a friends house for a play date and they had swords, and I thought the sword had a button so I pushed it. The sword broke and I left it on the couch to make it seem like he had broken it.”

“Falling off the bus in front of everyone.”

“Milk getting dumped on me in 7th grade.”

“6th grade at a party someone took my training bra and swung it around for everyone to see.”

“Someone took my shorts in 7th grade P.E. and I was stuck in the locker room.”

“Peed myself in 3rd grade P.E.”

“I was a freshman in high school and I didn’t know the layout of the school, and walked into the girls bathroom.”

“In 4th grade I threw up on someone.”

“A cot fell off a truck and hit me in head, and I had to get stitches.”

“I forgot Darth Vader’s name.”

“I was sitting in my high chair and when I went to take a drink from my cup the straw went up my nose.”

“When I was 6 I had a ballet recital and I fell, and my family recorded it and still plays it.”

Me personally, I would never let these happen to me. To those brave enough to give us their stories, we thank you.