Itaewon Halloween Incident


Beverley Kirkwood, Reporter

On October 30th, in Seoul Korea, 154 victims of the Seoul crush tragically passed. The crush took place on a narrow alley way of the popular nightlife district, Itaewon. Witnesses described not being able to move or breathe as they stood shoulder to shoulder in a street that was no more than 13 feet wide (imagine our hallway being filled with thousands of people).  Itaewon has always been a popular place for Halloween parties. After 2 years of being locked down due to the pandemic this Halloween party was the first since the restrictions were lifted.

Unfortunately there was little to no crowd control. Many people screamed but their voices were blended in with the blaring music from the nearby clubs and bars making it harder for them to be spotted. Many videos of partygoers performing chest compressions on people laying down on the ground as they were waiting for medical assistance were uploaded.

The cause of the crush is still unknown and is under investigation.

Majority of the victims were teenagers or in their early 20s. Itaewon is a popular spot for foreigners due to its restaurants and nightlife. Among the 154 victims, at least 26 were from another country. Many students including 6 students a middle schooler, and three teachers passed.

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