Cross country makes it to districts


Lakes team and Coach Clark celebrating at the league cross country Championships.

Giovanna Robles, Reporter

Saturday October 22cd the Lakes cross country team competed at leagues. The team overall had a successful race and award ceremony.  Top 14 was received awards. The first 3 finishers received a medal, and the rest got a ribbon. Lakes was awarded the team sportsman ship award for the girls and boys’ team. Not only just the team, Head coach Joe Clark received coach of the year for the 16th time. We had a total of 21 pr’s, and multiple girls and boys who medaled and got a ribbon. Cruize Corvin finished first place and received the MVP award. Both teams qualified and are off to districts.

On the boy’s team we had 7 boys on the podium, and 2 who medaled.  For the first team boys Cruize Corvin took first and Zander Trevino took second.  Jax Corvin came in 4th, Caleb griffin took 5th, and Evan Oroho took 7th.  The second team boys all league had 2 runners in 10th and 12th. Octavio Jaimes got 10th and Wyatt Blanchard placed 12th. The boys won  by 56 points.

On the girl’s team we had three girls place in the top 14. Opal Johnson with 8th place, Gio Robles in 10th, and Mila lay in 11th. The girls overall took third place but are now tied for second. The girls’ varsity advanced to districts as a team, so all the girls will be qualified to run on Saturday. The Lakes cross country team had a very successful day and will see you at districts!