“We’re always on your side”

Interview with Mrs. Mauer-Smith and Mrs. Brooks


Erin McDowell and Beverley Kirkwood

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Mauer-Smith (Principle) and Mrs. Brooks (Vice Principle). Often you may see them in the hallway, or on your way to class. Wanting to get a better grasp of who they are, we asked them a series of questions.

Their favorite part of the job are the students.

Mrs. Mauer-Smith’s favorite interaction with students is when something funny happens and being able to share that moment with them. Mrs. Brookes looks forward to day-to-day interactions aside from “get to class.” They enjoy the fun conversations with students more than anything.

Some favorite student-led activities this year are homecoming, seeing all the hard work put into it and the students having fun. Seeing students show up to sports games to support their fellow athletes is encouraging.

A message for students:

“We’re always on your side.” (Mrs. Brooks)

“We’re here to help you have your best day and be your best self, aside from being the discipliners” (Mrs. Mauer-Smith)

It was an amazing experience to be able to have this conversation with Mrs. Mauer-Smith and Mrs. Brooks. They are great people to talk to and care so much about the school, and students. So next time you see them in the halls say hello it really brightens their day.