Domestic Violence Awareness


Makayla Comoza, Reporter

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Unfortunately, Domestic Violence affects people around the world every day and it can happen to anyone. Domestic Violence Awareness Month is an educational event, and Domestic Violence doesn’t just happen to married or older couples it can happen to teens in relationships they weren’t ready for. children can also be affected by Domestic Violence, and it could be horrible for the child’s mental health seeing their parents physically fighting and hurting each other. you couldn’t point out an abuser in a crowd, they are cowards only willing to show their true colors behind car windows and closed doors. it’s never okay to act out violently especially to the partner your supposed to love. and it’s never okay to stay in a relationship with an abuser because you think you can ‘change them’ or because they promised not to do it again. if it happened once it can and will happen again, and abuse isn’t love its abuse masked in a form of love. and you should never stay because “they love me” because one day they will love you to death. you should never be scared to do what’s best for you and your mental and physical wellbeing.

Red Flags That are signs of abuse

If your partner is trying to isolate you from your friends, and family members. they are trying to have you only depend on them its manipulative, possessive, and controlling and an obvious sign of abuse.

When your partner physically harms you. It’s a crime and it’s a sign you need to leave the relationship immediately.

When your partner emotionally and mentally abuses and manipulates you. just because they did not physically harm you doesn’t mean it’s not abuse. mental and emotional abuse is still abuse.

Unwanted sexual activity. Just because you and your partner are together doesn’t make it right. No still means no whether you’re in the talking stage, dating, or married. No will and shall always mean no.

With this in mind, you should always think of what’s best for you. and an abusive relationship should never the good thing for you. its toxic and both parties involved in the relationship need help. the victim of abuse needs to walk away and work on healing. and the abuser/aggressor needs serious help Maybe counselling, medication, and or anger management classes. It’s going to be very hard to walk away but you have to do what’s best for you. There are therapists, and counselors, and groups and services willing to help you.

Service Hotlines

We are Family Domestic: (253) 359-0470

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center: (253) 789-4166