Hurricane Ian



Hurricane Ian’s damage

Ava Eckley, Reporter

Just last week, Hurricane Ian made its way through Florida. This monster hurricane left its mark starting in Cuba as a category 3 then made its way toward Florida with a category 4 storm surge and 150 mph winds. Which means it was only 7mph away from being a category 5 hurricane. According to many sources such as “Hurricane Ian was one of the strongest storms to ever hit the U.S mainland.” Nearly 2.3 million are left without power and 73% of the school districts that remain in Florida have been closed until further notice. 77,000 homes have been destroyed and $67 billion (about $210 per person in the US) has been put toward the reconstruction. The death toll rises as search and rescue workers work toward the cleaning of coastal towns, so far, the death toll has unfortunately reached 119. The effects of the hurricane in the U.S. have not only hurt Florida, but the whole country. We will most likely see changes in the gas prices, as well as travel prices.