Dahmer Series


Sara Escamilla, Reporter

Netflix released a 10-episode long series about the famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The series was released September 21, 2022, starring Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer. Ever since the series came out there has been a lot of hate about how they victimized Jeffrey and made it seem like he had a good reason to kill those people. People are also very mad about the fact that it did not really say a lot about justice for the victims and the fact that most of them were black. The victims’ families are really upset that there is another series about this man because they think he does not need more praise about all the bad crimes.

However, although there are people out there who do not like the Dahmer series, there are also those who really like the series. Most people think that it victimized Jeffrey, it shows how bad the police were and how easy it was for him to get away with all these murders even thought has had so many close calls with the police. Jeffery Dahmer was praised after he was put in jail and then again after he died. The families of the victims hoped that it would die down and they could start moving on from that terrible time in their lives but that never happened because people kept making series and podcasts and other stuff about Jeffrey.

Evan peters the actor who plays Dahmer in the series said that it was a very scary role to take on and he even said he had to go to an awfully bad place for extended periods of time. He also said that the whole point of the series was to respect the victims and the victim’s story they wanted to make it very authentic. Peters said that filming the series was an extremely challenging thing to do. This is surprising because Evan Peters was a big star in the famous series ‘American Horror Story’. This series is very weird with a lot of gore and lots of different twists.

The Dahmer series even affected the actor, but the actor does also think it portrays Jeffery very well. It is a particularly good series that everyone should experience. I also think it did not show a lot of justice for the victims or their families, but they did not get any justice during the whole thing. They just seemed to get a little fame from him.