Amanda Wright

smokey fog covering the region.

Emily Smith, Reporter

Halloween is just around the corner! The best time of the year is to stock up on candy and stay in bed watching spooky movies! Halloween is such as exciting time of the year, where people can dress up as their hero’s or wear a terrifying costume to scare the little kids in the neighborhood. Find some friends and match costumes or stay in to have a sleepover and binge horror movies, maybe you’ll find yourself at a Halloween event.

If you find yourself getting bored, Halloween is the perfect timing to take on baking, Halloween themed pastries oven made are sold at almost every grocery store. With fun kits that offer sprinkles, and themed colored icing to top the cookies, or brownies! Consider going to a pumpkin patch, find some lovely looking pumpkins to carve. Check Pinterest for some ideas or inspiration that fancy your style, put a candle in it, leave it on your doorstep, and show your art to the world! if you’re like me and you love a good movie that keeps you captured, Tim Burton movies are the perfect style to keep it both family friendly, on theme, and engaging. if you’re looking for a family activity, gather your family to set up a display outside the house, to give kids a good scare when they’re getting candy!