Xello Requirements

Erin McDowell, Reporter

We have finally completed our seven-day advisory schedule and are on to our regular year-long schedule. In advisory we spent our time refreshing on the expectations of our school, getting classes fixed, and adjusting to this new school year. Now that we are back to our normal schedule that means we are back to our regular advisory classes. One of the most important things every student must get done is Xello assignments. When our advisors tell us to get out our laptops and pull up Xello we might just think “I will just do this later” or “this isn’t important”, but did you know Xello is actually very important? In-fact, some of those lessons and assignments are advisory requirements. Some of you may also remember last year the district decided we needed to complete assignments all the way back to sixth grade. I am going to let you know everything you will need to complete to meet your Xello requirements.

First thing you will want to do is go to the Xello home page on clever portal. Next you will want to go to “view all lessons” this will show you all the lessons from sixth grade to your current grade. You will need to complete all those lessons. It might seem daunting but all you need to do is complete one lesson every advisory period and you will complete every one before the end of the school year. These lessons can even be beneficial to you. They help you to understand your learning style, find good career fits, learn how to manage your money, keep track of your credits, and even more.

Next requirement is assignments. Every year you need to make sure you get four best works. You need to complete your academic, career, and citizenship goals, then next semester you will do a reflection on your goals to see if you have met them or are on track to meet them. You will also need to complete your all about me section. That will include matchmaker, personality style, mission complete, learning style, and skills lab.

Now you want to go to “about me” which is located at the top of the screen. When you get there, you want to make sure you have your volunteer hours filled out (you will need five each year to make a total of twenty). You will also want to make sure each year you update your resume to Xello, not only is this a requirement but it is also an effective way to practice writing resumes since that will be important in your life after high school.

You are now ready to complete advisory this year. We went over many different requirements that can be overwhelming but just take it one week at a time and you will get everything done. If you ever have more questions about Xello requirements your advisors will always be there to help you, speak to them in class or through an email. I wish all of you luck for the 2022-2023 school year.