Reel Life Film Contest!

Alana Cruz, Reporter

Are you interested in getting involved in the film industry? The Reel Life 96 Film Competition presented by the Lakewood Independent Film Expo is the perfect first step for beginners. People of all ages and levels of experience get the opportunity to come together and share their unique ideas and love for film! 

The participants’ mission is to create a 5-minute short film with a time limit of 96 hours, which is about 4 days. There is no need for any special equipment, you can even use your phone! 

A maximum of 32 teams will be participating in the competition, teams can have up to 16 members including the team leader. When registering the team leaders of each group are expected to choose an age category based on which suits their team the most accurately. The age groups listed are 13 and under, 14-18, and 19 and older. There is a $50 registration fee per team, this fee includes tickets to the Reel Life screening party, and official T-shirts for every member of your team. The registration fee also covers tickets to a screening gala that will be hosted by the city at the McGavick Center. That is where all the completed and reviewed films will be viewed by hundreds of other people. 

To celebrate the hard work participants put in, there will be a variety of awards for winning short films. The categories are listed as: best use of elements, best screenplay, best direction, best camera skills, best audio/sound design, best editing, best ensemble cast, best actress, best actor, best film (separated by age category), and the audience choice award. Additionally, there will be other prizes available for participants including multiple cash rewards (up to $500 each), trophies, gift baskets, and gift cards. 

If you or someone you know is interested, be sure to sign up as soon as possible, team slots are known to fill up very quickly. Further updates and registration (when it opens) will be available on the City of Lakewood website. Remember, everyone is welcome to tell their story! Good luck!