Cold Season


Rieley Peak, Reporter

Since it is getting cold again we need to start taking precautions to stay safe and be sure to not pass on any sickness. You can help be a part of this by washing your hands regularly and always cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing, you can also wipe down surfaces to kill germs and keep anything contagious minimal for you and others. Be sure if you are sick you stay home until you feel better and limit being around friends and family. Because of COVID, some colds can be mistaken for that instead of something much simpler. Telling the difference can be hard which is why there are tests and other ways to see if you have a normal cold or not. Make sure you always test to make sure you won’t be passing something worse on to others around you. You also have the option to wear a mask, but that is completely up to you, do not feel pressured to wear one. If you aren’t feeling well at school you can go see the nurse or talk to a teacher. If you’re able to, you may contact a parent about how you feel, so that they are aware. Stay safe and healthy!