Farmers Market


Steilacoom market advertisement

Emily Smith, Reporter

The summer of 2022 comes to an end, our farmers market is ending as well. All our venders for this year’s market did a wonderful job. With plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, we also had some yummy pastries such as homemade cake pops and bread. We had vendors selling good smelling soap, and candles. Our food truck servers had an amazing turn out and made great profit this year. We had some new vendors that sold tie dye items, hand woven bags, and people with some wonderful, handcrafted jewelry using beads, metal, and amazing stitch techniques. 

This year we had an astounding turnout of new members within our community showing up, we had concerts with music camps, and some small turnouts for people playing their instrument for some added fun while you shop. Unfortunately, because the weather did not do much of anything this summer, sometimes we had to cancel the markets due to rain, or conditions being too cold. Although we lost some days, they extended the market further into the fall. We have officially come to our last market of the year today September 20th, 2022. Located at Steilacoom Park! 

I urge you to come to support your small businesses within our community one last time for the year! We would be honored to have you. As a student I recommend you come to the market and try some wonderful handmade gelato, or some delicious cake pops with a wide range of flavor choices, including Disney character edible art!