Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak


Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

Big news in the gaming community recently, an unknown hacker has leaked nearly 90 minutes worth of footage and source codes to the upcoming GTA 6. With lots of different storylines circulating around Twitter and other social media platforms, Rockstar Games has put out a public statement about the hack and confirming it’s severity stating, “We are extremely disappointed to have any details of our next game shares with you all in this way.” With GTA 5 being the second highest selling game of all time next to Minecraft, this leak is a very big deal. Although most people have been excited to see these real and confirmed leaks, some others are sad they get their first glimpse of the game this way before it has even been released to the public. With GTA 5 coming out on September 17th, 2013, GTA 6 has been an off and on topic for 9 years now. These leaks have confirmed the outstanding potential of GTA 6, and have left players eager for more.Rockstar Games