Robert Firman


Sara Escamilla

Mr.firman in his class

Sara Escamilla, Reporter

Mr. Firman is a teacher here at Lakes High School. He works in the English department and is in the S building by Ms. Farrington and Ms. Killen. The reason he teaches English is because that is what he got a degree in, and he is good at it. He really likes teaching because to him it is satisfying and fun. Although there are times when it is challenging, he thinks it is also rewarding. Mr. Firman feels that if he were not a teacher then he would be an organic farmer up here in the mountains. He likes reading the bible out of all the books because its where you can find all the solutions to life. In his free time, he likes to do work around his house, read, do a couple trivial things here and there, hike, and visit friends and family. If he had to choose between winning the lottery or finding the perfect job, he would rather find the perfect job. He thinks finding the perfect job has more meaning and purpose. The only thing he wants the student to know about him is that he looks to know God. Other than necessities like food and water he could not live without faith and his relationship with others. Firman is like everyone else, and he has many pet peeves. Two of his pet peeves are blinding headlights and when the traffic light turns red when no one else is there but him. When I asked Mr. Firman if he were a ruler of his own country what would the first law he would introduce, he answered treat others how you would want to be treated. He thinks society works better when people watch and help each other. Mr. Firman is such a good teacher, and he cares for each of his students. He always has granola bars out for students and sometimes brings other sweets. He tries to be there for all his students and even the kids who have not had it. Everyone is welcome in his class. He likes joking around and trying to make every student happy. Thank you, Mr. Firman, for all you do for us students.