The Remembrance of 9/11


Giovanna Robles, Reporter


21 years ago, on September 11th, 2001, 2,977 people were killed in the attack of the World Trade centers, this was a tragic day for everyone and a day that we knew we would never forget. We remember this day because we not only respect the people who passed, we were also respecting their loved ones and the heroes of that day. This is so important that we remember those who saved lives and the people who were out searching for missing family members day and night; It took a year to clean up the disaster that struck. There are still over a thousand bodies and remains to this day still not found.

Let us take a minute to talk about our wonderful heroes and remember the ones that lost their lives while saving others. There was a total of 44 firefighter units called onto the scene. They all risked their own lives for strangers knowing that they have families to get back home to.  At that time George W. Bush was the President, he said, “We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember…” No matter how long it’s been since the attack we will always remember and always respect all the people who suffered severely on that day. There are many ways to pay tribute to 9/11. For Example, the NFL community made a video on twitter to remember those who lost their lives. Many talk shows have families come out and list all the names of the people whose lives were taken and even their loved ones.

There are many different memorials to visit and pay your respect, there are memorials you can visit in Washington; The 9/11 Memorial in Bremerton, the Spirit of America 9/11 Memorial in Cashmere, as well as memorials in Southridge and Kennewick. The main memorial is located at the world trade center in New York. This memorial tells every story through pictures, and different artifacts from the attack. This is a way to learn all the stories and how horrible this day was for everyone involved in the attack. It also a way to see the stories from the families and how they felt knowing their loved one was attacked.

Therefore, it’s so important that we remember this day. This was something that permanently changed our world. We respect the lives of the heroes, loved ones who passed away, and the families who lost someone. All of those people are our heroes, and they will forever be in our hearts.