Autumn Anxiety

Ava Eckley, Reporter

While most of the population has September 22nd circled in their Calendar, some people actually tend to be ambivalent about the date. Along with all the cups of warm apple cider and cozy scarfs, autumn anxiety lurks. 

 Seasonal Anxiety usually happens in the cooler months, which is typically in Autumn. With the start of school and the change from the sunny warm days to the chilly ones, many who suffer from autumn anxiety tend to be closed off and feel down. Autumn anxiety can range from regular anxiety to even depression. But the difference between year-round and seasonal is that there isn’t necessarily a trigger. According to, “One of the causes is the reduction in sunlight, leading to falling levels of serotonin. This important hormone affects mood, appetite, and sleep patterns. There is also an increase in the hormone melatonin, which tends to make one feel sleepy and depressed,”  

Although Autumn Anxiety usually has no triggers, there are always situations where there are reasons as to why you may have anxiety during this time of year. Many of which include school. As school lets in, the homework gets piled up. If you do sports or have a job, things tend to get a little crowded and you are left with no time for you. But fortunately, there are some ways to help you cope.  

Susan David, a psychologist in Massachusetts, said, “We start treating our emotions in almost a hierarchical way….” many tend to tell themselves that they are overthinking how they feel because of other people. To avoid that, it is best to not suppress your feelings. Another way to help would be to exercise daily. According to, “The best starting point is regular exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help you feel good while also promoting nerve cell growth…” One of the best ways people find to help cope with autumn anxiety is to start something new. Try a new hobby, a craft or even a new Netflix series you’ve been wanting to watch. 

All in all, during the new seasons, be sure to pay attention to how you feel. And if you feel an incline in a new feeling be sure to reach out to someone who you can talk to.