AAPI Performance


Mariah Potoa'e, Reporter

In honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the members of AAPI club choreographed multiple dances to perform for our school. The performances included dances from the islands of Hawai’i, Samoa, and Fiji. A huge form of showing respect and support when watching Pacific Island dances include throwing money for the dancers and something called the faaumu. The faaumu is a Samoan chant that goes like “chee-hoo”, and there was a friendly competition for the students that came to watch to see who could do the best faaumu (chant). The performance ended off with a solo dance by Marijean Fa’agau, and it was a traditional Samoan dance called a Taualuga. All in all, the performances were done beautifully & were definitely worth the watch. Amazing job to all the dancers & student speakers, and a huge thank you to Mrs. Cushman for helping make this happen!


Marijean Fa’agau
Melila Pulalasi
Ivanny Teriong
Cassandra Daracay
Manasha Penisini-Misa
Hatsue Ueki
Victoria Aguon
Jessica Pule
Ka’ena Kalii
Elliana Malo
Leinatioletuitoga Apulu
Mykah Koke-Filimaua
Matea Efeso
Fa’atui Mauga
Lucas Quintana
Geovanni Melander
Leolino Melander
Christopher Filiaga
Rodleyson Salvador
Khaleo Shiro
Student speakers;
Zechariah Fa’agau
Vivian Potoa’e
Jayden Vaimaona
Sentoa Leapai