Senior End of the Year

Reilly Erickson, Reporter

With 14 days (about 2 and a half weeks) left for Seniors Classes can be very boring and unfulfilling. Not all Seniors have the option to skip class and go home earlier, so some must either waste their phone battery or sit there bored out of their minds. Why do seniors not start to bring more things they can do during those boring classes to fill the time, so it is not wasted. There are so many things that seniors can bring with them to school that they are able to do during classes that do not disturb or bring too much attention to them and that help pass the time. I have seen many seniors with a word search with them to do during classes that they have some time to fill, Others have turned to sudoku along with other brain puzzles. Some Seniors have been spotted with video gaming systems that are easily kept in their backpack, many bring books that they have been meaning to read. Although many seem to be listening to music, or podcasts, some use this open time to catch up on some sleep. Now although it may not seem the most comfortable, many students can be seen catching up on some well needed rest. Even though most hobbies are not particularly set for a classroom environment, that does not mean that we cannot bring them in for the end of the year to help ward off the boredom that most remember from school. Lets remember to make the most of the rests of the year.