Coach Hector

Kyle Schwab, Reporter

Mr. Hector 

Mr. Hector is one of the school’s best Campus Supervisors. He also puts his spare time and dedication to help teach the football, wrestling, track and field teams during their season. Hector has been working at Lakes for about 9 ½ months but he has already made a big impact on the school and the students. He has given so much inspiration to a lot of the students at Lakes.  That inspiration could come from a small conversation with him to being your coach.

Hector went to Lakes as a high schooler and graduated from Lakes in June of 2018. His main goal in life is to be the best version of himself. His dream job is to be able to reach out to people and inspire and help them to become the best they can be. Hector is currently working towards his teaching degree. Some other hobbies Hector enjoys are cooking, grappling, coaching, watching anime, and lifting weights. A fun fact about Hector is that he is the third Hector in his family. His Father being Hector Jr. And his Grandfather being Hector Sr. 

Hector Graduating from Lakes High School