Cops Vs. Teachers Charity Event


Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

The 13th Annual Lakes Highschool Cops Vs Teachers event was held on April 29th at 6:30pm to honor the men and women of our law enforcement. The donation only event surely was intense with both the cops and teachers playing their absolute hardest and most competitively this year. With the final score being teachers with 64 and cops with 62 I can safely say everyone was on the edge of their seats.  

I spoke with the organizer of this event, Baron Coleman, to get his take on the event this year. Coleman says, “I was very pleased with our turn out and the overall experience. I will say that we still have a lot to do in getting people here to support the event, but the numbers were better than they have been in the 6 years we have done it. I will also say for sure this game itself was the most competitive game I ever witnessed and aside from being concerned that players lost site of the actual reason we were there, it was a hard-fought game to the bitter end. At the end of the day, I never worry about what the scoreboard reads, I am more concerned with ‘did the community get a good experience and understanding of why we do this year after year and were we able to best support our beneficiaries financially?’ We are closing in on approximately $8000.00 roughly and that is not bad for this event here.”

History of Cops Vs. Teachers:

The history of Cops Vs. Teachers has reached back 13 years now, in partnership with Kiwanis of Clover Park, and Key Club of Lakes High School, we are proud to bring you this year’s Cops Vs Teachers Charity events. We are thankful for the support we receive from Kiwanis of Clover Park, and the various communities that have come together to honor this year’s beneficiaries:  LHS Senior Scholarship Fund, and Lakewood Officer’s Charity Fund, the men and women of law enforcement, and our” Four Lakewood Hero’s” who we continue to honor year after year.
In 2009 four of our Lakewood Officers were taken from us in a violent tragic incident while getting ready for their shift at a local Parkland coffee shop. As a result of this significant tragedy the community responded. In Puyallup, a Jr. High community service club determined that they wanted to do something to raise money for the families of these officers and support these officers’ kids. For the past 13 years this event has gained momentum and every year a different beneficiary is chosen to receive all the proceeds. It is a momentous event where several thousands of dollars are raised in honor of the four hero’s that paid the ultimate price that late December Day.