Weebe Saves the Day!


Michael Cosio, Reporter

On May 3rd our Lakes Lancer soccer team faced off against the Spanaway Lake Sentinels. The Lancers only chance of making the playoffs relied on them beating the Sentinels. Luckily, it was senior night, so the fans brought a lot of energy for the team. The boys started off strong and freshman Liam Urbina ripped a shot into the goal, making the score 1-0 Lancers. As the game progressed a loose ball skipped past our defense toward the goal. We attempted to clear the ball, but due to the confusion and chaos, we scored an own goal causing a tie.
The Lancers had to win, a tie wouldn’t be enough to send them to the playoffs. The game continued to go back and forth and time was running out for Lakes. With little time left, Lakes pushed their way up the field and drew a foul at the 20 yard line. This kick would be the deciding factor in Lake’s future in the playoffs, and who better to take the kick other than the man the myth the LEGEND, Senior player Ayden Riebe. He charged the ball and fired it TOP BINS, the goalie had no chance. Everyone went nuts, some of us more than others. Marcos Torres (Senior) celebrated so hard that he was given a yellow card. When the final whistle blew, our lancer team made their way into playoffs. CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE AMAZING GOAL—> http://youtube.com/shorts/-nk–Fx2AJA
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