Gym Crisis


Jovanna Beltran-Mier, Reporter

Not too long ago the school decided to close the gym area during lunch. But why? It was closed because after every lunch there would be a mess in there. People would not pick up after themselves. Food would be left in there therefore the janitors or teachers would have to come in and pick it all up. This was not fair on the teachers that would have to pick it up because you can simply clean it up for yourself. But the gym is still open to go in and play basketball or volleyball etc. Hopefully later they will decide to open it up again, so people are able to eat in there during their lunch.  

I asked two of the teachers what their opinion is about students eating in the gym and here is what they had to say. 

Nicolas Jensen: Hey our thoughts on the gym being closed for lunch is that before covid protocol the gym was NEVER used during lunch time.  Our protocols have loosened and so we are just going back to how things were done in the past.  Personally, I think that space is the PE staff’s classroom and when garbage is left in the gym and in the hallways, it makes it very difficult to conduct our classes.  If any other space/classroom was being disrespected like the gym space has been over the last few months, it would not be allowed. Overall, one rotten apple spoils the bunch so I would lean towards peer-to-peer accountability on the overall cleanliness/respect of our campus overall.  

Julie Rickert: Before this year, the gym had always been a space that was off limits to food and drinks (except for water). This year we had to make an accommodation because we were practicing social distancing and there wasn’t enough room in the cafeteria for everyone to eat and keep a safe distance. The gym was therefore used as an overflow space for eating lunch. The problem came into play when certain students not only left their garbage in and on the bleachers, but also threw oranges, apples, pizza, water bottles, milk cartons etc. against the walls so they would explode and leave a huge mess in the bleachers, on the gym floor, and in the hallways! Every day, our PE department, PE students and custodial staff would have to clean the floors and hallways before we could start our 4th and 8th period classes. So, to make a long story longer 🙂, I wouldn’t have a problem with students being in the gym during lunch if those students were responsible and respectful of the space, but they have not shown that they can do that and therefore the opportunity was taken away.