Seniors and Scholarships


McKayla Pelkey and Claire Dobbins, Reporter

As seniors for 2022 are going to sign up for college, many apply for scholarships. Most seniors know of scholarships with the requirements of being a military child, a person of color or maintained high grades throughout high school.  

College scholarships often have you write an essay on why you deserve the spot above anyone else who has applied for it. Another thing considered is test scores. For the basic test score, you need a 1200 and a 26 for your ACT, for your GPA you need a minimum of at least 2.5  

Some requirements people do not normally think about are your major, disability or your gender. Your location and your income level are also both key factors, for some you need to be from a certain location in order to qualify, others you need to make below a certain level of money. 

There are strict deadlines for scholarships, as soon as you learn of one you would like to apply for, start preparations immediately. Most take several weeks to gather and compose all necessary pieces. Keep careful track of them so you do not miss it.