Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Presented by Lakes High School Drama

Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

Lakes High schools’ performances of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Tim Kelly were on Friday, April 22nd at 7pm and April 23rd at 2 and 7pm. I was honored to be able to go to the opening show! With about an hour-long performance, all the actors did an amazing job and made for an entertaining story. Throughout the 2 acts, I began to realize that the play was a combination of the book and the movie, it made for a fun and unpredictable series of events. All the performers were very well spoken and thorough with their emotions and portrayals of their characters and made time for comical scenes. I truly was overly impressed by the performance and think the drama team is great! 

Act 1: “We start out our journey through wonderland, at the bottom of a rabbit hole. Then Alice finds out that she can be queen if she gets to the correct square on the chess board. Her journey takes her to meet different strange creatures and ends up at the Mad Hatter table.” 

Act 2: “We pick up our journey at a flower bed of talking flowers. She is nearly there to receive her crown, when she is whisked off to the trial of the Knave of Hearts who she is a witness for. Will she make it out without making the Queen of Hearts upset? Will she ever find her way back to Dinah?” 

Shout out to the amazing cast for all their work!  

Alice: Addie Livingston  

White Rabbit and Caterpillar: Jessica Young  

Red Queen: Asia Graves  

Knave of Hears and Daisy: Ary Scott 

Solider 1: Juwan Gwinn  

Soldier 2 and Dutchess: D’Arri Chisolm 

Soldier 3: Lebron Gwinn  

Queen of Hearts: Jacqueline Tapp 

Cook, Lory, and Hare: Silence Baggesse  

Tweedledee and Rose: Anavi Gonzalez  

Tweedledum and Mock Turtle: Lesieli Mccormick 

Frog Footman, Mad Hatter, and Dodo: SonSierra Warren 

White Queen: Sinae Gales 

Knight and Fish Footman: Michael Gomez-Knight 

Humpty Dumpty, Lilly, and Sister: Taylor Galbreath 

King of Hearts: Sam Coleman 

Mouse, Dormouse, and Cheshire Cat: Sylvia Irvin 

Special Thanks Too… 

Karen Mauer-Smith: Principal  

Angela Brooks: Vice Principal 

Michelle Gallow: Vice Principal 

DeWayne Lindh: Vice Principal 

Allan Fransisco: Head Custodian  

Nanette Jiminez: Ticket Sales  

Robin Harrel: Ticket Sales 

Advanced Drama: Painting 

Morgan Bay: Stagehand 

Aric Plummer: Stagehand 

Briana Navarro: Lights