Local Grocery Store News


Reilly Erickson , Reporter

Spring is here which means our loving grocery stores such as Safeway and Albertsons are going into their contract negotiations with our local Grocery store union being UFCW Local 367. This negotiation will take about a month, and in this time you may see unknown faces in your local grocery store, along with the faces you may know and love not be there as much. Amidst this negotiation the union workers are hoping to get more pay after not getting hazard pay all throughout the pandemic unlike other retail workers and essential service workers. With the contract not being updated from November 2020 along with not fully filled out, furthermore being based of being determined as the minimum wage changed. With these grocery workers working through the pandemic, minimum wage does not seem enough for our grocery hero’s that help make sure that we are able to get our food. While the first of three negations happened on April 13th, 2022, make sure to watch out for your favorite grocery clerks wearing their UFCW 367 shirts and buttons. Make sure you are supporting our grocery heroes for all they have done helping throughout the pandemic and all they do for us on a daily basis