Mentoring 2022-2023

Jovanna Beltran-Mier, Reporter

What is mentoring? Mentoring is a unique opportunity to be able to help the incoming freshmen every year with their transition from middle school to high school. With this group pf people there is a lot of bonding with people positively impacting Lakes’ culture. These students build a strong leadership skills, community, and public speaking skills.  

How can I be a part of this mentoring class? The students that signed up during the elective fair this year will be receiving an email from Mrs. Cushman on Friday the 15th. These students will have until April 22nd to apply. Mentors will be out during all three lunches this week to invite students to join as well. The following week the students that applied will be asked to interview during their lunch. An email will be sent to the students with more information. Recruiting will continue after the 22 If there needs to be additional mentors.  

In the month of August in the summer the mentors will be having a summer camp. The exact date is still to be determined. During this camp mentors will strengthen their leadership skills and support the incoming 9th graders.