Thursday Shenaigans follow up

Shirmara, Reporter

Thursday Shenanigans was a great idea to get students more active and involved with their peers. In high school, some students tend to have the mindset of just going to school just to graduate, while others understand how fast these 4 years fly by and the importance of making every day count. I spoke with a few students and staff members at Lakes about how they felt about the activities and how they help students to become more sociable. The conclusion I can personally draw from people’s responses would be Thursday Shenanigans make a positive impact on students and their “social life” during lunch.  

I went to get a few opinions from staff members along with students about the benefits they see resulting from Thursday Shenanigans.  

Coach E feels as if Thursday Shenanigans engages more students in social activities. He also feels like it promotes fun interactions in a competitive setting, providing an opportunity for all.  

According to Hector, “Thursday Shenanigans was a good start for students to get up and get involved, it helps students not only interact with each other, but also with staff. Also, it gives students a chance to distract themselves from a tough day they may be having.” 

Coming from Sina, “I think the games are fun and a change, however I feel like volleyball and basketball should still be open to play in the gym. Maybe have the game tables on one side and those options on the opposite side.” 

“I feel that it helps connect people more and it’s fun to hang out and play games with your friends.” opinion from Ramera 

From my experience and also from the point of view of others, I feel as if Thursday Shenanigans has overall made an incredibly positive impact on students during all three lunches. If you have not checked these shenanigans out, what are you waiting for? Go have some fun and get some candy!