Mrs. Coffey The Math Magician 

Kyle Schwab, Reporter

Mrs. Coffey The Math Magician 

Mrs. Coffey is one of the few math teachers here at lakes. She teaches Algebra 1 and 2 pre-Cal. She’s also involved in after school tutoring to help kids that struggle with math. She’s a major cat person. She says that cats are better than dogs because” they are cuter and that nothing is better than having a cat purr on your lap or chest.”  Teaching was not her first choice either.

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Originally, she wanted to go into finance, and become a CFO of an international company, but she ended up liking her marketing classes better in college. She ended up deciding to become a teacher by “accident.”  I asked her why she chose math. Shay says” Math was always one of my favorite subjects growing up. I always liked that math has rules, formulas, and correct answers. Math is universal, it is the same in all languages.” 

Before she started teaching, she says” Before I got my teaching degree, I was a cheer coach and emergency substitute (this is how I got to know that I wanted to become a math teacher). Before that I was a sales associate at Nordstrom’s.” 

Some hobbies Mrs. Coffey enjoys are reading, going on vacation with my husband, and petting her cats. A fun fact about Mrs. Coffey is that her mom bought her a cat when she was in high school and kept it a secret from her dad. One morning her dad woke up to find the cat lying on him. Her dad ended up loving the cat. Another fun fact about Mrs. Coffey is she knows the last digit of pi.