Social media and Mask fishing


Lilianna Brandt, Reporter

With the mask mandate finally being lifted, and it now being optional to wear a mask in places such as school. A reminder that you still must wear a mask at hospitals, dental, etc. With a reminder to not judge a person for either wearing a mask or not. You do not know their situations such as having family that could be in risk of covid or themselves, some can be insecure and find comfort in wearing a mask or could just be personal choice.  

And if others choose to not wear a mask you should not judge them of their appearance especially with the beauty standard of social media with having flawless skin a certain nose, lips, face shape has influences us into wanting to look like them or expect others to look like that and if they, do not they can be labeled as a “mask fish.” 

Mask fishing means where a person is more attractive because they are wearing a facemask. The reason someone could be labeled a “mask fish” is because of the masks themselves. With the mask covering the nose mouth as well as face shape. Your brain has a tough time trying to match their face with only their eyes.  

With that being said you tend to make your own assumptions about a person’s face and when you do finally see them face it most likely will not be what you imagined. Whether they have a different nose or small lips, or ache especially ethnic features that do not fit the Eurocentric beauty standard does not mean they are any less attractive. But it is with the toxic beauty of social media that has made people believe that if they do not look like that, they are unattractive. There is nothing wrong with not fitting that beauty standard, and you should not be ridiculed for it or go out of your way to try and achieve it, as you are beautiful regardless of any flaws you may think you have.