New Movies to Check Out!


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Michael Cosio, Reporter

The Batman
DC just dropped a new rendition of the famous comic book hero Batman. Throughout the movie, we shadow The Batman solving cryptic clues left behind from the Riddler, so we get to see more of the “world’s greatest detective” side of Batman. In order to catch the Riddler, He must trek through the city of Gotham, which is as menacing and dirty as ever. This Gotham puts all the other renditions to shame, as it is ravaged by crime and sin. Sometimes Batman himself questions whether it could be saved or not. The film follows a younger Bruce Wayne, who has only been fighting crime as Batman for 2 years. His inexperience shows, as he makes reckless and ignorant decisions. Robert Pattinson stars as The Batman, and although you may remember him as the moody vampire from Twilight, Pattinson delivers an intense performance as the capped crusader. Collin Farrell, Paul Deno and Zoe Kravitz also perform very well as the infamous Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman. All in all, Matt Reeves did a great job putting this movie together and it is an exciting new step for the story of Batman.

Turning Red
Turning Red is a new Pixar film that was released on Disney+. The film takes place in the early 2000’s in Toronto Canada and follows the life an awkward middle schooler Meilin Lee. At first Meilin she seems like your everyday cringy teen, but it turns out she has a family trait that causes her to unleashes a ferocious giant Red Panda whenever she gets emotional. Whether she gets boy crazy, angry, or sad, the panda is released. Turning Red is about the harsh process of growing up, and this coming of age film tackles this subject in such a unique way. The giant panda is used to represent the weird stages of growing up and the change between teenager and young adult, followed by the problems that might cause. Because this film revolves a sensitive topic, some might say that the film was intended for an older audience, so I would just play it safe and say this movie is intended for 12+. Turning Red has a beautiful environment with a diverse cast, and presents nostalgia for teens and adults who grew up with boy bands and Digi Pets in the early 2000’s/late 90’s. Next time you’re scrolling through Disney+, make sure to check out Turning Red.