Mr. Clark is losing his mind?


You may have seen the breaking news, Mr. Clark is losing his mind.  Although he has always said that a mind is a terrible thing to lose, we don’t really think he has completely lost it. Granted, working with self directed classes such as Journalism and Yearbook are indeed challenging, it is not really any reason to worry.  According to our reliable sources, Mr. Clark (and his mind) is indeed sound and functioning normally.  While it is true that his students sometimes leave him bemused, he is far more likely to talk about how they respond, their passion, inquisitiveness, and  overall awesomeness.  As he often says, he sees teenagers every day, and the future is bright.  And they also have a good sense of humor, as evidenced by the breaking news headline. So no, he hasn’t really lost his mind, but if he ever does, he knows things will be in good hands.