Women’s history month

Reilly Erickson, Reporter


March is women’s history month, Women’s history month is important to highlight and remind ourselves everything that women’s accomplishments throughout history in our culture and society.  We celebrate women’s history month to provide an opportunity to praise the generations of women influencers who have uplifted our nation and helped mold our progress and strengthened us as community.  

During this month there are many women that you may know and love that you can celebrate. such as your own mother, grandmother, or aunt. But there are so many historical women to celebrate. A few examples of famous/important women from the last couple of years. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a supreme court justice from 1993 until she died September 2020. Ginsburg mainly focused on fighting for gender equality and protecting women’s rights. Gabby Douglas first competed in the Olympics in 2011 best known as the first African American to win an individual all-around event in the Olympics in 2012.  She helped win gold medals in the 2012 and 2016 summer Olympics. Greta Thunberg Born in 2003 has been a Swedish climate youth activist who stated an international movement in 2018.  When Thunberg was 8, she gained knowledge on the climate crisis. Ever since she has made efforts to help lower her carbon footprint, as well as influenced her family and others to do the same. 

There are many powerful women in history that are still living. Many women who have helped shape communities possibly in big and small ways. Look and see how many accomplishments that women have made and are still making.