Anxiety at School (Students View)


Brookelle Barnes, Editor/Reporter

I am sure most of you know that the school setting can be stressful at times. When fully putting yourself into this learning and working environment some (if not most) of us experience some form of anxiety. Anxiety can be many different sorts of things like separation anxiety, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, OCD, disruptive behaviors, physical sickness, or other specific phobias that could be the result of different anxieties. But everyone experiences and copes with anxiety differently. Some people tap their legs or have fidgety movements, while others have forms of anxiety attacks or breakdowns; the spectrum is broad.  

Although some teachers are caring and compassionate about the topic and effects of students with severe anxiety, some are not. Anxiety could be created from piling on too much work, important tests, or even just simply not feeling comfortable in that classroom and/or space. It is important that we recognize the students struggling and make sure they are acknowledged and handled accordingly. What does anxiety consist of for Lakes Highschool students? How do they manage? 

Anonymous: “Anxiety affects my performance; I cannot focus as well. Math specifically makes me anxiety ridden. Focusing is really hard for me because when I have anxiety it takes over what I am doing.”  

Anonymous: “I have always had a challenging time with anxiety, I always must be tapping, or doing something. Sweaty palms occasionally, it affects how well I do in school sometimes, I am always so worried about my self-appearance, grades, etc. Sometimes I will have anxiety attacks that prevent me from even remotely functioning at school.”  

Anonymous: “I have anxiety all the time at school, it feels- overwhelming; very, it affects my ability to- function, throws me into a low. There isn’t a thing that I’ve thought of that I can do to help it without getting some sort of distraction, and it makes it so I can’t focus, do work, interact with people, etc.” 

I can safely say that all of us have experienced anxiety, and it varies from person to person, how you experience it and what you do to help it will always be different. The common trend among these students is that anxiety affects the efficiency and consistency of our work. How can schools help support students, and what can we do to reduce stress and anxiety at school? 

Do you feel anxiety at school?


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