Russia Bombs Ukraine’s Holocaust Memorial

Trinity P. Haynes , Reporter

Russia Bombs Ukraine’s Holocaust Memorial  

Bombs were dropped on Babyn Yar, March 1st, 2022, a site where Nazi’s carried out massacres during World War ll. It is one of Europe’s most prominent Holocaust memorials located in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital.  

The Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the Russian government hit a nearby radio tower that killed 5 people and destructed the memorial. Zelenskyy says in Tweets and speeches that Putin (Russia’s president) is actively targeting to repeat history. This personally enrages Zelenskyy and others because Zelenskyy is Jewish and has family that were once killed in the Holocaust.  

Even more crazy is Putin’s claims saying one of the goals of the “special military operation,” as he called it, was to “denazify” Ukraine. Putin’s claim is being called out all over as the fact that not only is the president of Ukraine Jewish. But, now with the fact that Russian military has damaged a Holocaust remembrance sight themselves. Zelenskyy says that it was beyond humanity and that he believes the west isn’t doing enough to prevent attacks on his country. Zelenskyy has been seen fighting alongside his troops in war for his country.  

Putin makes up false claims and releases false imagery claiming Ukraine bombed them first as propaganda to try and justify the sudden invasion on Ukraine. Some of these propagandas include claiming that Ukraine is “run by Nazis” or “Working with America to develop nuclear bombs”. All which are not true.  

More than just powerlines and remembrance sites have been destroyed by Russia. Russia has struck some pretty intense places. Such as, using multiple rocket systems on residential buildings, civilians, schools (including a kindergarten), and Hospitals even including a maternity hospital.  

Many countries are timid to step into the middle of this war in the circumstances that Putin owns many nuclear weapons and the risks of more and more countries getting involved which would cause a very nasty war for everyone. But That doesn’t mean Russia gets away without any consequence the US government has stopped giving money and trading from Russia, so their economy is down falling. Sooner or later, Russia is going to have to worry about their own economy/country because they will not have the money to be wasting on weapons and fighting. But it appears Putin is still out fighting while people in his country are going hungry. The US has cut Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system. This is important because Russia cannot have any easy way to move or really control money/money flow.  

Recently, US troops have rushed off to Europe to aid Ukraine. The troops had barely a week to prepare before being sent off. The troops mission while in Europe is to train alongside NATO allies in an attempt to deter further aggression by Russia. But not only to train, but to help with Ukraine citizens that fled the country in search of safety. At the border of Poland, they are taking care and accepting Ukrainian refugees. They provide them with water/food, shelter, and even allow pets and families.