Senior events


Reilly Erickson, Reporter

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With this school year nearing the end there are many events for seniors happening.  A class picture will be taken on the football field with a drone (the date of this is still unknown). Senior presentations are taking place March 16th to 18
th.   The requirements for the presentations were announced in advisory and everyone will be given time in advisory as well as out of school to work on these presentations. Senior hall voting has been completed you aren’t able to vote anymore so if you were wanting to it is too late. The last days for seniors are coming up. Graduation is said to be on June 9th and the last day of school for seniors is rumored to be June 7th.  If a date for Senior sunset has been set we are unsure of currently when updates and a date is given we will let everyone know. This is the most stressful time for seniors so make sure you get your work done so you can finish the year strongly.