Bowling on One Leg

Picture of Morgan Emery at competition

Michael Cosio, Reporter

Morgan Emery is the best bowler here at Lakes High School, and she’s doing it on one leg. She recently tore her ACL, but that didn’t stop her from competing in the state bowling competition. Although she placed 40th/115, she was presented with the State Sportsmanship award.

I asked Morgan about how she was able to compete at such a high-level while being injured, and this was her response,

I was able to compete at such a high level while being injured because although I couldn’t play how I used to before the injury, I was still able to participate and be in the same environment, which made things easier.

— Morgan Emery

Morgan is a big inspiration for us here at Lakes because she showed us that you can still achieve greatness even in the face of adversity. Good job Morgan, we can’t wait to see what else you can contribute to Lakes High School!