Dancing with the Stars!


Michael Cosio, Reporter

Once again, the Lakes Dance team has taken home another trophy! Chances are you’ve seen the Dance team perform at football games or assemblies, but outside of that they compete against other schools in a dance off fashion. The team competes in two categories, Hip-Hop and Pom. A handful of dancers compete in Hip-Hop, but all of them contend in Pom. This year, Hip-Hop has brought home a Grand Prize, one 1st place, and three 2nd places. The Pom team was also awarded one 2nd place trophy.
The team is coached by none other than the famous student accounts woman Mrs. Yearsley. During school hours she’s filing your finances and athletic forms, but after hours she’s training the dancers here at Lakes High School. Coach Yearsley has been a part of the program for 18 years, and after almost two decades, she’s seen a lot of success.

We’ve brought home a state trophy of some type, for the last 18 years. We are considered the best Hip-Pop team in the state. They work really hard, and their success is shown when they compete.””

— Coach Yearsley

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has caused many competitions where teams have had to cancel at the last minute. Compared to previous years, both competitions and teams seem to be smaller, but our Lancers are still trying their hardest to bring home the gold.

While they wait for Districts, they will compete  this Saturday at Capital High School on February 26th. Then they will take part in the West Central District Dance Competition at Olympic High School on March 12th.  Hopefully our lancers can win it all and go to the WIAA State Dance Competition on March 26th for a State title.

Lakes High School is so fortunate to be represented by such a great Dance Team. Make sure to go check out some of their competitions and show you support! If you want to see more content from the dance team, check out their Instagram @lakesdanceteam.