Ms. K’s Classroom!


Ms. Killen

Alex Melvin, Reporter

Ms. Killen has become the substitute of Mr. Kepner’s class of Civics and Contemporary World Problems (CWP). She will be taking over till April while Mr. Kepner is taking some time off due to personal reasons. She’s been a substitute teacher here since the beginning of the school year and many students are glad to see her sticking around more permanently. A lot of students feel comfortable talking to her and see her as a person that makes others feel at ease. She asks questions, actively tries to get to know her students and listens without judgement. Shes taken a different approach in her temporary classroom – asking what the students want. 

She’s already hung-up blank posters around the room and told each class that there is no wrong answer and that they shouldn’t leave any ideas out for what they’d like to see in the room. They get to choose their own seating and listen to music in the background. So far, there are multiple LGBTQIA++ flags up in the room, tea and coffee (as well as the kettle and pot), supplies including masks, pencils, erasers, scissors, art & office supplies, and first aid. She’s brought in a chia pet for the class plant, small light up decorations and much more to come. 

Not only is she bringing new things to the classroom like decoration, theme, and supplies, She’s also giving students a better idea of what it means to be in the classroom and what students should be learning. Students not only learn about the country, like always, but our state and what’ll affect us when we are older, the things we’ll all have a responsibility to and that’s including voting. It’s a big change since before, they were learning about great topics but at random which was a little all over the place. There’s been a lot of positive feedback on Ms. K starting off her new position, but would also like to emphasize she’s still just a substitute. Let’s hope this year goes well and the students continue to welcome her with open arms.