Plastic Bag Usage

Mariah Potoa'e, Reporter

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tores in Washington have recently started charging customers for plastic bags due to Washington’s plastic bag ban that started on October 1st. You now must pay 8 cents (or more) for each plastic or paper bag you choose to use, but of course you can bring your own reusable bag or just carry your items out by hand. The reason for Washington’s plastic bag ban is to reduce litter and encourage the use of reusable bags. Stores have been advertising thick, brown paper bags as reusable, but those are not too reliable or durable. Some good options for reusable grocery bags would be non-woven tote bags, cotton tote bags, bee green reusable grocery bags, ETC. Although there are some valid reasons for the ban like the supply chain issues, there are still some customers who chose to complain about the ban. Over 100 customers statewide have sent a complaint to ecology about the plastic bag ban. If you would not like to pay the fee for paper bags, make sure to bring your own reusable bag when going shopping.