Lakes Dress Code


Aundrea Gresham, reporter

As I’m sure most of you know, our school’s dress code is pretty lenient, seeing as hats, beanies, durags and more are no longer prohibited. However females students still feel that they are being disproportionally called out for dress code violations . Too often it seems that  girls are inappropriately dress coded by male staff members. Have you ever heard a staff member say “find a shirt or zip it up.” It has happened, even if they weren’t revealing anything besides her stomach and her collar bones.  Does it really “disrupt the learning environment.” If this really needed to be addressed, staff could talk to a student one on one or ask a female teacher to talk to the student, but not  in front of the class like it is in a lot of cases. I can assure you that almost nobody is distracted by a female’s collar bones . I’m sure none of you have seen a male student get dress coded, I can say for sure that I haven’t. This “dress code” revolves around the sexualization of children and their bodies but more specifically underage females. There is nothing distracting about a shoulder or a stomach that would negatively impact students’ learning and it seems that teachers (usually the male ones) are the only ones that have a problem with how we dress. School should be a place where students are able to feel comfortable and express themselves and we can’t do that if our teachers and administration are calling our underage bodies “distracting and disruptive.” Underage females are already so cautious about older men to the point where majority of the female students I know feel the need to cover themselves around our male staff, and being called out for dress code incidents make it so much worse for us. Having a school dress code that is heavily aimed at female students can unfairly sexualize us and our clothing and take away our freedom to feel comfortable. In one scenario a female student felt so uncomfortable by the inappropriate dress coding that she felt the need to leave class to go talk to a trusted female staff member so that this could be addressed. There are many stories where staff made females students feel uncomfortable at our school. Being that Lakes is a public school, students are expecting the freedom to express themselves and feel safe and that is not happening. Some of our staff need to change their outdated ways of thinking, because it is not okay for girls to come to school and feel sexualized because of the way they are dressed. Do better.

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