High School Standards

Emily Smith, All

With so many people of the same age, so many classes. It can be hard to remember that there is a world outside of school. When you’re in school, you get engrossed, with drama, work, friends, enemies. It’s not like you don’t realize there is a world outside of school, where even more people reside. Its just sometimes hard to acknowledge because when you’re going somewhere and doing the same thing every day. The habit, and the routine that has been adopted at your school, literally becomes your life. We as students base the rest of our day around school. So, to acknowledge that your school is not the world can be hard. The people within your school are the same people you see every single day. Which for some is not a bad thing. Making school your world can be good, but in most cases its extremely unhealthy. 

Your education still matters, school still matters. School is most of the time where kids learn to socialize and make friends, be compassionate, though that does not make school end all. School is just a transformation. Trying to be yourself in high school is one of the hardest things you’ll ever try to do. Not only are you still trying to find out who you are, but you also have to deal with the anxiety and insecurity that you may have, simply because your afraid that nobody will like you. And to that you have to remind yourself of the world outside of your school, the friends that lurk outside the walls of your imagination. The people you have yet to encounter.

Afterschool clubs are a wonderful idea, while learning about the people in those clubs, you also get a fun learning experience within them. Trying out of school activities, such as going to the YMCA, getting a gym membership, or maybe just going for a walk. Anything to get you more out of routine, not extremely but a little push in the right direction. Leave the house, when you have the time, hang out with family. Always remember that high school is just the beginning of your life, you have plenty of time to make friends, and find the perfect person. High School is important for our growth, and the blueprints of the people we will later become. Never feel tied down to high school standards, just because you can’t find friends in high school does not mean your doomed. It just means that your people haven’t met you yet.