Conversation with Ms. Matsuda


Ms. Matsuda

Jovanna Beltran-Mier, Reporter

“So far how has this school year gone for you? Despite the worldwide pandemic going on” 

I would say the school year is going okay. Like everyone else, I struggle with the desire to get back to a more normal situation but am learning to live with the restrictions we have. I would also say it has been a bit more stressful than it was when we were doing virtual school simply because we are seeing students in person and working with the emotional toll it took on them.” 


“What inspired you to teach sport medicine? And how has this benefited you since then”  

I was the athletic trainer here at Lakes starting in 2006-2014. During that time, I was inspired to teach by a friend of mine that is the director of the Kinesiology program at Pierce College. She was teaching a class on injury prevention and asked me to guest lecture. In 2013 the administration at Lakes wanted to start a sports medicine program and asked me if I would be interested in teaching. I loved working with student athletes and thought it would be fun to teach students about a field and career that I am passionate about. So, I went back to school to get my CTE teaching certification and here I am.” 


“Recently what have been your favorite hobbies to do on your own time?”  

In my spare time I like to read, paint, go on adventures with my dogs, travel, hike, and watch movies.” 


“With 2021 coming to an end and 2022 coming what is your goal that you are striving to this year?”  

“My goal for 2022 is to enjoy the trips I have planned. I have three camping trips scheduled and a trip to Europe this summer. Since we haven’t be able to travel much in the last two years, I am really looking forward to getting back to that.” 


“What are your plans in the next couple of years?’ 

“I am not one to make long term goals or plans. It always seems like life will change long term plans, so I am more of the type to see where life takes me, or what inspires me to do something. When I make plans to travel or adventure it is because something has inspired me.” 


‘Where have you traveled to and where would you still like to go”  

“In 2013, I spent two weeks in Italy. I went to Florence, Sienna, Sorrento, and Rome. In 2019, I spent two weeks in Ecuador with Mrs. Thietje-Weihs. The first week we spent in the Amazon Rainforest and the second week was spent in the Galapagos Islands. This summer I am going to Scotland, England, and France. I would still like to go to Tahiti, Australia, Japan, Disney World, and any of the National Parks.”