End of Semester Stress


McKayla Pelkey, Reporter

The first semester of Lakes High School is coming to an end on January 27, 2022. It is an incredibly stressful time for the staff and the students, a lot of students that attend have been turning in late work for the last couple of weeks so they can get their grades up. Most students have been stressed about getting their grades up because of the standards from their family and even the school, terrified to fail the class because they do not want to take it again and get into trouble. 

Students either ask for help from teachers, asking about extra credit but a lot of teachers do not have extra credit and the student has nothing they can do to bring it up, because of the stress the students and possibly even the staff have been getting overwhelmed with the constant work, kids failing the class and not caring about it then caring about it at the last minute. Students have been getting sick which means they have to stay home and miss schoolwork, the lesson they are working on and sometimes major projects because they have no idea what to do. 

For students, a good way to relieve stress is listening to music, make sure you give yourself a break (along with teachers) and get yourself some food and some water. Make sure to take care of yourself during the small break that we have. Come back to the next semester with new goals.